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How To Get A FCA Loan In 2019?

The vagaries of life do not always allow households to be in good financial health. If yours is in need while you have difficulties to grant credit to you from the lenders, you can always apply for a FCA loan with the CDA Familiales or on its website. The conditions for obtaining a micro credit FCA are preferred. The main criterion for obtaining funding is the family quotient. This data makes it possible to evaluate the resources of a household. It takes into account your family situation, your professional income and family benefits. If after calculation, it turns out to be low, then you are likely to get individual financial subsidies. You can also benefit from the aid of the municipal centers of social action, and benefit from adjusted costs according to your income in the extracurricular field, and even in the leisures. This type of loan can take the form of a consumer credit.

FCA loan types for consumption

FCA loan types for consumption

They come in more than a dozen loans if we detail them, but basically, we can classify them into four categories.

Social micro-credit helps the home to equip itself with computer equipment and household appliances. It also finances the return to employment of the unemployed, allowing them to buy equipment for their new job.

The FCA car loan allows jobseekers to acquire a vehicle. Those who are forced to go to work away from home are also privileged. This type of credit can also be used to repair your car or pay for insurance.

The FCA furniture loan enables households in need to obtain basic furniture.

Lastly, the non-refundable loan is offered by the CDA Familiales to households whose family quotient is below 300.

How to apply for a TTO loan for consumption?

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The process varies depending on the type of credit. For social microcredit, you can start your application online in order to save time, but you must then meet the managers of the different structures directly. These structures can be charities. The latter will direct you to a partner credit agency and support you in your efforts.

For the FCA car loan, you must provide a certificate of non-pledge or the copy of the vehicle registration certificate that you will purchase. For repairs, the mechanic’s estimate with his registration number will be required. For the financing of the car insurance, you must present the offer of the insurance company.

For the loan of the FCA, you must provide your request with a quote. After acceptance, you will return to the store to pay the 20% of the price and come out with your furniture. You will then send the invoice to FCA. This one will pay directly the rest of your due.

TTO consumer loan: focus on details not to be missed

Proposed by the CDA Familiales, a TTO consumer credit is intended for all families in need of emergency financial support. It may be a question of dealing with an unexpected expense, the acquisition of basic furniture for housing, etc. It can also be defined by the loan of family equipment. With this credit, families with particularly low incomes can receive financial assistance, other than a bank loan. Job seekers also have the right to apply for a TTO loan. However, various conditions must be respected to benefit from it. It is necessary, among others, to be a FCA beneficiary, that is to say, that one must register with the FCA by filling a declaration form. It is also necessary to be financially precarious and to justify a need for eligible money. The destination of the funds must therefore be mentioned. The amount granted for this kind of loan can be up to 1000 euros.

Most often in the area of ​​consumer credit, we talk about credit allocation and credit without proof, that is to say that you must justify the destination of the sums that will be lent to you, and that, from introduction of your request.