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How to take a loan without income?

The bank refuses to grant a loan and you need cash for urgent expenses. What to do in that case? Only loans without income certificates come to mind. What to do to receive such an injection of money? More exposition at

Loan without certificates

Loan without certificates

Many non-bank institutions specialize in offering this type of financial products. The so-called. Income-free loans are often short-term and based on the borrower’s ID. It is also possible to provide a declaration of income, expenditure or financial obligations. It should be emphasized that in this case a certificate of earnings is not required.

Earnings certification is mainly used by banks to verify income sources and their frequency.

Where to look


Income-free loans are now offered more often than a few years ago. This product, which once only had parabanks in its offer, is now available – surprisingly – also in banks. Despite the fact that there is now a lot to choose from, many have doubts about where they will get the most advantageous (and of course secure, no hidden tips) loan.

Is the bank a safe choice? Certainly. However, not everyone has such a product on offer. For a loan with no income, ask the bank where you have the account. It is important that the account regularly receives money. Why? Because banks determine the customer’s creditworthiness on the basis of account activity, i.e. revenues and expenses. As a result, when using electronic banking, we often see various credit and loan offers tailored to our financial capabilities.

What to do to get such a loan? All you have to do is fill out the loan / loan application and after a while the money will appear in your account. Typically, online loans offered by banks do not exceed PLN 5,000.

How to get a loan from a non-bank institution?

How to get a loan from a non-bank institution?” /></p>
<p align=If we know that there is no requirement to provide certificates, an ID card is sufficient. Many companies also offer online forms that allow you to get a quick payday loan or loan without leaving home and unnecessary formalities.

However, let’s be vigilant and if the lender in the form expects us to scan an ID card, you should seriously think about whether it is worth it. There is a risk that someone might use this data to our disadvantage. Therefore, remember to use the offers of these institutions, which are checked by many clients.