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Loan without certificates – who is it for?

Equipment failure, sudden renovation, wedding gifts, or maybe a spontaneous vacation trip? Any of these expenses can be successfully financed with a loan without certificates. Clarification at

This is fast money that will be on our account even within an hour. Who will benefit most from a loan for proof? When is it worth applying for? We translate!

What is a loan without certificates?

What is a loan without certificates?

Loans without certificates are a source of quick money: to get it, you only need to complete the minimum number of formalities. Usually , financial proof is sufficient for our financial institutions , some still require a personal account statement. There is no need to get any documents from your employer or collect income certificates.

The essence of loans without certificates is that we can receive money the same day . Therefore, it is the perfect solution for sudden, unexpected expenses.

The amounts of such loans start from PLN 50, while they reach up to PLN 15,000 . We can borrow money for a month or even for 48 months. Repayment can take place in one installment, but in the case of larger amounts it can be spread over 4 years. It all depends on how much money we need and in what company we will submit the application. In non-banking companies, often repayment of liabilities within a month means that no interest or commission will be charged to us.

Minimal formalities


To receive a loan without certificates, when submitting your application, simply attach a scan of your ID card. In addition, institutions require us to provide a PESEL number and, most often, a personal account number. On this basis, they verify the creditworthiness of the person submitting the application.

Some institutions – but not all – require you to submit a current account statement. On this basis, they check whether we receive regular income and whether it is sufficient. Which formalities we will have to complete depends on the company or bank in which we want to borrow money, the general conditions of the loan, as well as how much money we borrow.

Verification itself is very fast . Most often, the decision to grant cash is made within a maximum of one hour.

Quick money for unexpected expenses

Quick money for unexpected expenses

That is why loans without certificates are an ideal solution for people who need money for a sudden expense. Broken fridge, sudden illness, or maybe just a last minute vacation? Each of these objectives can be successfully financed with a credit card as proof.

Due to the fact that the decision to grant a loan is made almost immediately, the fact when we receive the money depends on the bank in which we have an account. So if you are applying for a loan without bank statements, it is a good idea to first try to apply to the one who keeps your personal account . In this case, the bank has insight into our income and no additional formalities will be needed.

The money will be in our account immediately after the decision. However, if you are applying for a loan from a non-bank company or a foreign bank, we will wait for the money as long as the transfer itself takes – if the non-bank company transfers them from an account in a bank other than ours, we will receive them the next day.