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Loan without an employment contract – how to get it?

Do you need financial support but do not have an employment contract? Learn how to apply for a cash or mortgage loan from a bank without permanent employment or running your own business. Is it possible at all?



When we apply for financial support in a bank, our creditworthiness is checked. In this way we confirm our credibility for financial institutions. The process is identical in most cases. The customer will be asked primarily about:

  • gross / net income per month,
  • period of employment,
  • main source of income,
  • current financial liabilities (credits, loans, installments, fees).

If we apply for a mortgage, the applicant’s age and life situation as well as the amount of own contribution are also taken into account. Based on the information obtained, credit scoring is determined . The number of points gained indicates the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Will I get a loan without an employment contract?

Will I get a loan without an employment contract?

Many people, especially young people, have a different form of employment than the employment contract. Employers still often decide to employ people on a mandate or work contract. Often, under these conditions, employees perform their duties for several years. Applicants are worried that they are not credible to the bank without a full-time job. Is this really the case?

Banks want the borrower to show a fixed remuneration. They also consider income from employment under a mandate contract or a specific task contract . In these cases, the criteria differ from those of full-time employees. However, this does not exclude taking a cash or even mortgage loan. First of all, employment should be documented on the previously mentioned forms of employment for a minimum of twelve months.

The continuity of orders carried out during the time taken into account by the bank is important, thanks to which it can be determined whether the applicant’s financial standing is stable. Some institutions, taking into account these forms of employment, account for between 20 and 50 percent of tax deductible costs . A significant lower amount than our actual earnings will be accepted for analysis.

Own business – procedures


More and more Poles are deciding to self-employment , and thus to have their own business. Such persons, when applying for a loan, are treated as entrepreneurs and their specific rules apply.

The creditworthiness period has a big impact on the creditworthiness, 12 months is the minimum, however, some banks extend this time. Of course, there are cases in which we can receive financial support with a slightly shorter duration of activity. The amount of taxable income is taken for analysis.