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Real estate credit for military or gendarme: what specificities?

Are you a soldier or gendarme and want to take out a mortgage? Your status allows you to obtain several benefits from banks.

If there is no real estate credit dedicated to soldiers or gendarmes, these professionals can take advantage of certain advantages relating to borrower insurance, supplementary loans and guarantee fees. All the explanations.

Real Estate Mortgage and Loans

There is no real estate loan specifically designed for military and gendarmes. However, they, like other public sector employees, can take out a mortgage loan for public servants. This credit is granted to public service employees with preferential rates. For example, for a credit over 25 years, the rate is close to 2.35%.

The military and the gendarmes can also benefit from assisted loans like the loan with zero rate (PTZ) which makes it possible to buy a first principal residence with a rate with 0%, and the loan social accession (PAS) which can be used to realize work in the dwelling or to acquire a principal residence.

Loan Insurance for Military and Constable

At the time of granting credit, the bank claims the subscription of a loan insurance to be covered in case of default of the borrower following his death, disability or incapacity for work. Military and gendarmes are exposed to much higher risks than other professions, which may lead insurers to apply a tariff increase and / or exclusions of guarantees. The insurance company may also refuse to support this type of profile.

To negotiate your real estate loan for military or gendarme

The status of military or gendarme does not systematically guarantee the granting of a loan with excellent conditions. It is sometimes necessary to negotiate your credit to benefit from a more interesting rate. Thanks to the size of its network and given the volume of files processed each year, the broker is able to negotiate the rate conditions and facilitate the mounting of your file.

To get an estimate of how much you can borrow, do not hesitate to use a real estate mortgage simulator for military or gendarme online.