Meet the Dallas 500: Rob C. Holmes

August 10, 2022

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Over the past year, Texas Capital Bank President and CEO Rob Holmes has implemented a new company-wide strategy, recapitalized and restructured the company, increased the number employees in key departments and lines of business, more than doubled the bank’s front-line team and obtained FINRA Approval for its investment banking division and affiliate broker.

Most recently, Texas Capital Bank provided $5 million in funding to Lendistry, a minority-owned technology lender that aims to help underserved communities, to expand into Texas with an office in Dallas.

In Holmes’ Extended 2022 Dallas 500 Q&A, he talks about how many times it took him to score a second date with his wife, the future of fintech in banking, and much more.

Education: Southern Methodist University (MBA), University of Texas at Austin (BA-Economics)

Place of birth: Dallas, TX

First job: “My first job was packing groceries in a grocery store. This experience taught me very early on the importance of customer service and satisfaction. I learned that I really liked customer-facing roles and I’ve been in customer service my entire career. »

Best Advice: “One of my mentors and boss from very early in my career, who remains a mentor today, was discussing a promotion with me and he noted that in order for me to advance I didn’t need his vote, but from that of all my peers – which I try to win every day.

Having dinner : “I was having dinner with Robert B. Cullum who founded Tom Thumb and Page Drug, among other banners, years ago because he was very successful but also very civic with an exceptional focus on community. And he happens to be my grandfather. I would also invite Dan D. Rogers, vice president of Mercantile National Bank, who happens to be my great-grandfather, who could provide me with excellent advice and guidance.

Destination of choice: “When I have the chance to travel, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends in Big Sky, Montana. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the various fly fishing rivers are always a welcome retreat. That said, I’m a Texan and really love the rich history and diverse culture of South Texas.”

Non-profit cause: “I usually find myself involved in organizations and passionate about causes that support either underprivileged children or our country’s great veterans and first responders in our community.”

Hobbies/Hobbies: “My passion is my family. We are very close and spend as much time as possible together. I also enjoy fly fishing and quail hunting when I get the chance.

Fun fact: “I had to ask my wife, Charlyn, 7 times to go on a second date with me. She finally said yes.

Dream car: “I always wanted an older model Defender, but I could never justify the price.”

Most difficult challenge: “Two days in particular stand out for me as the toughest of my career: 9/11 and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008. I was in New York working on both days. I vividly remember seeing the second plane fly into the building and then seeing both buildings fall on 9/11. That night, I had to stay at my boss’ apartment, because I couldn’t go back to my hotel. I took a bus to work the next morning at 5:30 in Midtown. And I remember being one of the few to go out that morning. I went to work because other colleagues just couldn’t get in. And then I remember being at the bank on Sunday evening, September 14, 2008, when scenarios were discussed regarding the consequences of the failure of Lehman or other banks. The next day, Lehman filed the largest bankruptcy petition in US history, involving more than $600 billion in assets.

Moments of pride: “There is not one action I would like to report, but rather a series of regular and thoughtful actions each of which strengthens the team, the culture and the record that gives us the confidence to say firmly that we can offer something distinct to our customers and shareholders.. We know what this bank can be, and the significant actions of the last seven months have all been essential in setting up this next step.

Better DFW: “The social, economic and business transformation that Dallas has undergone over the past decade has already made it one of the most exciting, dynamic and desirable cities in the world in which to work, live or raise a family.”

Must read: “When I arrived at the bank, I made everyone read The cultural code by Daniel Coyle. It’s a transformative book about the power of high performing groups.

Bucket list: “The only thing on my bucket list right now would be to lead Texas Capital in a way that has a profound effect on the development and growth of the next generation of employees and their future success. In 2021, we launched the whole thing. the bank’s first junior program, and we are already seeing the impacts of this innovative and exciting group in our ranks.

Future forecast: “We are clearly located in one of the best markets in the country to offer customer solutions that will rival any competitor. We are more well capitalized than ever. And we have the leadership, talent and commitment to meet the challenges ahead and achieve our vision. We are building the leading financial services company in Texas, serving the best clients in our markets. »

Fintech innovations: “Our approach to responding to fintech innovation is less about adapting and more about keeping pace with digital change to meet the needs of our customers. Our hedging model outlined in our strategy is supported by several digital modernization initiatives focused on securing the right to do business with our customers. This means having APIs on key products that are integrated with our customers’ platform of choice, providing advanced analytics and data products that work seamlessly across our customers’ financial lifecycles, and optimizing for high contact and self-service.

“The broader fintech ecosystem is as accessible to us as it is to others. Our strategy to keep pace is to continuously analyze, innovate and/or acquire. We periodically analyze the market for new technologies and have deep insight into the fintech market through our technology banking business We are increasingly active in fintech and the broader tech community, actively partnering and acquiring key technologies that we believe will will help bring value to our customers.


Ben Swanger is the associate editor of CEOthe business title of Magazine D. Ben manages the Dallas 500