$160 million deal reached to advance next-generation aerial firefighting platforms

August 11, 2022

Montana Lending

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DA Davidson, a team of capital market professionals, assessed and closed $160 million in industrial development revenue and revenue repayment obligations for Bridger Aerospace, a Montana-based aviation services provider.

The deal represents one of the largest taxable unrated municipal ESG bonds in the country.

Proceeds from the bond will help Bridger Aerospace fund two aircraft hangars to be located at Gallatin Field in Belgrade, Montana, and acquire four new SuperScooper firefighting aircraft.

“Bridger Aerospace operates the largest and most sophisticated fleet of firefighting aircraft, and as it redefines its technology to meet the emerging challenges of aerial wildfire fighting, we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide the financial solutions necessary to support a strategy of continued growth”, said Kyle Thomas, CEO of DA Davidson.

Founded in 2014 and led by current CEO and former Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy, Bridger is a company focused on addressing the year-round threat of economic and environmental damage caused by wildfires.

Through its fleet of aircraft and FireTRAC, its data collection, aerial surveillance and reporting platform, Bridger provides its federal agency and state government customers with a range of aerial response solutions. against fires.