Overview of the law: the delusions of a roommate are worrying

August 19, 2022

Montana Economy

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A resident concerned about her roommate’s behavior contacted the Columbia Falls Police Department after she began hallucinating.

The woman told officers the man had a history of substance abuse and had undergone treatment for alcohol and dust cleaner use. He was in the garage now, because he thought people were watching him. Earlier he was talking about the fact that there were people trying to set up an economy in their backyard. She thought he might use inhalants again. She told officers she had since left the house.

Someone knocked over several fences on Scenic Drive. The resident who reported it said it happened overnight. From their vantage point, they could see that the vandals also hit the neighbor’s fence.

Officers were made aware of possible abuse in or around Columbia Falls, but the caller provided only vague information.

Someone contacted the police after a man got into a fight with their daughter, even though she apparently punched him and left him with a bloody face.

A resident asked officers to come outside to look at his fence after seeing an unusual scene unfold right before his eyes. The man said a vehicle stopped on his property and a child jumped out and ran through it. Despite the incursion, the man said the fence appeared to be intact. He attributed it to TikTok’s Kool-Aid Man challenge.

Officers responded to a report of a group of children hanging out in a parking lot around 11 p.m. The miners were quickly sent home.

Police cornered a pair of campers on Rapids Avenue.

Officers running an additional patrol near the high school discovered an open door in the building. The door was secure and everything seemed OK.

A swerving Buick sedan prompted another motorist to contact authorities. They said the four-door nearly hit their vehicle head-on, then nearly hit a curb.

Dispatchers said they received a phone call from the payphone located in the police department lobby. They disconnected the call after it became clear the caller did not require first responder assistance.

A man allegedly jumped in front of vehicles.

Officers headed to a local watering hole for a report of a woman harassing a man at the bar. According to the caller, she slandered him and was generally disruptive. She left before the officers arrived.

Someone ran into a homeowner’s fence on Riparian Drive the night before around midnight.